We can all agree that being in your flow, rhythm, or personal vortex is bliss. We can further agree that is easy to “tune-in” when you are at home, on a hike, in a yoga class or any moment when you are uninterrupted. However, when your running late to catch the bus, up against a tight deadline or a loved one is upset with you, it is difficult to stay “in tune”. Is it possible to stay in divine flow in these moments? The answer is yes. Everyone has the ability to stay in the “reservoir of goodness” that is divine action.

So how might one do this?

I got you!

Below are my top 5 secrets to getting and staying in flow:


I find that mastering our own physicality is KEY to flow.  This doesn’t mean you have to manifest a six pack or look “perfect”.  What this DOES mean is you find a place where you FEEL YOUR BEST.

Answer the below questions to help you get clear on how to master your physicality:

  • When was a time when you felt physically incredible? What were you eating, mentally digesting, and how were you moving at the time?

  • What are you top 3 things you do/ could do daily to get centered, grounded, and present inside yourself?

  • What are the top 3 proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains that you know make you feel best?

  • What ways do you love to sweat?

Let’s be real, some days are just going to suck.  YOU’RE A HUMAN NOT A ROBOT. You will be face with challenges that are unforeseeable and/or out of your control. But what you always have control over is your ability and willingness to stay flow. The above will help give you a solid foundation for each day.

And when you feel like you have slipped out of your “vortex”, recognize it & do the next best thing you can do to feel good - take a walk, a nap, make a hot cup of tea, do a killer workout, or, my personal favorite, have a quick dance party.  Shifting your thoughts and energy towards the positive is the most important thing you can do to stay in flow and on course with your physicality.


Check out my favorite Abraham Hicks meditation on feeling good. These are great to listen to in the morning to build positive, forward momentum:




Getting organized so you can fully step into each assignment is huge.  You want to feel prepared enough so you have relaxed intensity in your execution.

One way I have been taught to do this is to “Mind Dump”. In the evening or morning, write out everything you want & need to get done that day/week.  What are the tasks? List them out almost like you’re free writing. Then time block them into your calendar based on level of importance.

I find that the more I plan my days and weeks out ahead of time I can step into each event fully present, because I am not trying to “get there” or “catch up” once I am there.  This practice helps me feel more grounded knowing what to expect and when faced with adversity, I can handle it with more grace.


See the attached delegation sheet to see what way and where you can delegate more.

How can you delegate so you don’t have to DO everything? Controlling all aspects of your life and business can actually hold your creativity and FLOW state captive.  Your most important gift is your Presence. Being fully tapped into your gifts and bringing all of YourSelf to where you are.

If your mind is always in the past, future, or you’re consistently multitasking you can’t fully tap into your FLOW.  Flow is all about getting in rhythm with the highest and most heightened parts of yourself.


Creating clear boundaries is essential to staying on “your path”. Have you taken the time to get clear on what is a YES and NO for you? Do you know what your needs are?

While creating new boundaries, or saying NO, can feel uncomfortable at first, I promise you it get easier over time. Additionally, it is not mean to stick to them even if other don’t approve, and you cannot fully step into you power or purpose without them.

You need space to be IN YOUR LANE & IN YOUR FLOW.  This takes an extreme level of focus and real ownership of your own boundaries.  Part of mastering your lane is giving yourself enough space to pave your path so you can sprint down it.

As you create clear boundaries, your “spiritual sight” will improve. What is “spiritual sight”? It is to recognize and acknowledge all the signs that are guiding you.  We are constantly given gifts and guidance but sometimes we are moving too fast to see them. These can be in the form of billboards, emails, songs, conversations or the new people we meet.

A great affirmation I use to enhance my “spiritual sight” is: “I am seeing, receiving, and acting on all of the signs I am being divinely given daily.”

Sometimes we will be present with things that are distractions and aren’t for us. The above affirmation also helps with discernment to know what’s for your highest good and what will accelerate your momentum.  & if you still feel unsure, ask Spirit the question: “Is this for the highest good of all concerned?”, “Is this your will?”, “Is this for me?”, “Who is this for?” “Is this for me to act on NOW”? Trust what comes up.

As you are learning to practice seeing, discerning, and acting on all the signs and information being downloaded to you and through you it will accelerate your Divine Action.


So often we get these fantastic “downloads” from our Higher Self, yet we do not act on them. It’s time to close this gap.

To help with this; Mel Robbins uses the “5 Second Rule”.  Think on it and take action within 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, your brain will start to talk you out of your “download”.

I refer to it as TURBO-THINK-ACT-NOW.  When you are guided to do something press the pedal down.  Don’t wait for your ego to put some fearful BS in your mind to stop you.  When we get better at closing that gap, this creates real momentum.

It’s easier to go fast than slow. And while getting the initial momentum is hard, stopping and starting again is MUCH harder.  In my business, we call it “The Big MO”. Once the snowball has been pushed {{which takes time}} it starts to gather the snow itself and steam roll down the mountain.
Keeping and building on this momentum is crucial.

Divine action is all about being used as an instrument.  Allowing a message or divine assignment to be delivered through you is a gift.  You are the messenger, not the message. You work for something much bigger than yourself.  If you ever feel STUCK, or in a place of question, throw a hand up and ask for help. You are NEVER ALONE. You are meant to co-create Divine Action.


Sending you Love, Light, & Lots of Clarity,