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Heather Cullen

Orange County, CA.
Boss Mom. Creator of Team Sexy.

When Laura and I became friends I had NO IDEA the profound impact she would have on my life. Laura inspires those around her to play hard, shine brighter, and DREAM BIGGER through being an example of that. She inspired me to get in the best shape of my life, not just my physical body, but my mental and spiritual as well. They are all connected. I am so grateful for her friendship, her leadership, and her vision. Friends who became business partners and now SoulSisters. The world needs more leaders like Laura. Willing to have the hard conversations, dig up the stuff we want to hide, so that we can truly shine and activate in our authenticity. Laura becomes a bridge for people, helping them cross from where they are, to where their TRUE SELF lives.  THANK YOU Laura for being YOU!


Morgan Martin

Chicago, IL.
Entrepreneur, Owner of Live & Believe Fitness & Nutrition Centers.

Laura has truly been someone that has shifted my life since the day that I met her.  Not only has she been an amazing friend, she has a gift of helping people see and pull out the greatness inside of them. Through her mentorship, leadership, and guidance I have not only been able to transform my body physically, but have completely shifted mentally and spiritually. Her coaching has empowered me to be my own boss. I now own my own fitness studio and nutrition center and get to serve my community daily. She is truly a light worker that knows how to help others discover their own light within. I can’t Express how much she has helped me step into who I am today, she is a gift.


Valentine Ewudo

Los Angeles, CA.
Entrepreneur, Creator & Host of the Think Alpha Project.

These are words about how awesome Laura Holloway is. These are words about how awesome Laura Holloway is. These are words about how awesome Laura Holloway is.


Monika Zands

Los Angeles, CA.
Founder Mom Academy. Life & Business Strategist.

Laura Holloway has an amazing mission on this planet... She helps people soar and break free from the things that have hurt them, held them back and limited their impact and success.  She is a bridge between you and your wildest dreams.  She listens with an intent to grow, lift and shine.  I have had the pleasure of experiencing her love, her radiance and her relentless pursuit of helping people feel empowered and important.  She will be by your side through whatever you need her support with.  Laura is a guide with wisdom and vision far beyond her years!!! What a blessing to unlock your potential when you work and play with her!


Elyse Falzone

Orlando, Florida.
Intuitive healer and Spiritual Life Coach.

Laura is one of the biggest visionaries I have ever worked with and come across. In the past 7 years in working with Laura, she has taught me to go past what's possible and see beyond. She has so much passion for the work that she does and her drive to achieve 'the goal' is out of this world! She is a beautiful & graceful connected soul who brings out the athlete and warrior inside each person she meets. I am forever grateful for Laura and my life would not be the same without her.


Amanda Forst

Founder & CEO at Amanda Forst. Creator of Team Glow.

Laura has been my mentor now for 5.5 years and I have never felt more called to greatness then when i'm being coached by her. She is someone that believes so deeply in you that you start to believe in yourself. Working with Laura has made me see the greatness in myself and through that I have not only become the best version of myself physically but also mentally. I have been able to develop my leadership skills through working with her and also truly learned how to love myself.   If I could think of one word to describe my beautiful soul sister it would be LOVE. She walks into a room and you can feel her radiating love and acceptance. She has been able to build an EMPIRE from a place of love and mission for human kind. Her authenticity and vulnerability allows others to open up in ways that will change their lives forever. I have seen it happen time and time again. I can confidently say I would not be where I am in life today without this beautiful spirit. Forever grateful for her friends, sisterhood, and guidance.