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Like you were meant to do something more?

Like there is a next level of service, contribution, meaning, and purpose you are here to be engaged in?  Do you feel like there is an ache in your chest screaming for you to listen? Do you feel bored, complacent, boxed in, suffocated?

I GET IT...I have been there!  It’s PAINFUL!

The first step is acknowledging that it’s there. Listening to that scream and saying “hi, I hear you, and I am listening.”  The next step is asking it “what are you here to teach me.” From my experience that voice is always calling, waiting for us to listen, to “tune in” to bridge the gap between where you are now and your soul’s urge to grow and evolve.

If you know you are meant for more.  If you love working with people. If you feel called to make a difference.  If you are willing to look within yourself, do your own transformation work, and stand for others to do theirs too, then let’s TALK!

I want to connect with those of you who know you are meant to live outside of the box.  I want to work with people that know there is a call on their life far greater than how they are showing up now.  I want to work with people that are willing and ready to play big, play for a team that is driven by mission and purpose.

If you know in your heart that’s YOU, LET’S TALK! #ImWithYou